The new release from Magister Templi, “Lucifer Leviathan Logos“, captured a real classic doom and occult style metal that I was curious about how the release came together. It is a high quality release displaying all that is great about this particular style of music.

Thank you guys so much for taking time to talk with ThisIsNotAScene, can you tell us a bit about Magister Templi

Baphomet: Magister Templi is a group of weird guys with different backgrounds, except me and Grimmdun. We have the same parents.

Abraxas: Anyway… The band was formed by Baphomet and myself a couple of years ago. We had known each other sort of second hand for a while, I attacked him while drunk and forced him to start a band with me, knowing that our taste in music was all but identical. It was beautiful! …as you can imagine…

How has the material for “Lucifer, Leviathan, Logos” been received by your live audiences?

So far so good, people have been ever so nice to us. We consider ourselves first and foremost a live band. In case there are some booking agents reading this: You have no idea what we’re about until you’ve seen us live!

Still, things didn’t really catch on before we started releasing stuff. And over all the crowds have been much more “there” after IAO SABAO! I guess people had to both hear the record and see us live to really figure out what the hell we were up to.

What is your creative process, who writes the lyrics, what comes first the lyrics or the riffs?

Abraxas: It has been known to happen in any number of different ways. Usually the riffs are made by Baphomet and the lyrics and melody lines by me and then we meet up and compare notes and argue about it. The tendency is also that we see more and more of the other guys in the writing process. Patriark and I have also worked together on a couple of songs so far, and we hope to see lots more from him.

Where do you draw your inspiration

Abraxas: Everywhere! Hakura Murakami, Dostoyevsky, Aliester Crowley, Pico della Mirandola…. I guess I read a lot… Also Vivaldi, Emanuel Vigeland, cross country skiing, meeting weird people and Tchaikovsky to name some non-literary ones (Sorry… Russian names are spelled differently in Norwegian for some reason… hope I got them right…)

Baphomet: Jean Rollin movies and booze.

Musically who inspires you as artists

Baphomet: One of my early heroes was Ritchie Blackmore. Rainbow is insane. Other big inspirations has been Steppenwolf and Bloodrock. Later on doom and thrash came along and set me straight.

Abraxas: Front Man-wise; Bobby Liebling, Ronnie James Dio and Ian Anderson. Musically, and for Magister Templi, I guess Trouble and Pagan Altar has been exceptionally important.

What is an “Innsmouth Look”

Abraxas: In H.P. Lovecraft’s short story “A Shadow over Innsmouth” the people living in the coastal town of Innsmouth have, after generations of copulating with Deep Ones (fish-like demon-thingies), developed certain… features… well, you get the picture.

Baphomet: It’s the way they look at you…

H.P. Lovecraft I should have known are you two fans of the master’s work?

Of course, Lovecraft is great. After all he introduced psychology and madness to horror fiction. We all owe him for that…

Do you draw inspiration from horror fiction or was this a one time song?

Abraxas: The only one so far, It would be fun to do something around the Dunwich Horror too, we’ll see…

What are your favorite horror authors or books?

Abraxas: I’m not really that into other Horror Fiction, the rest of the stuff I read is usually “normal” novels or classics, like Murakami or Dumas or it’s related to my other interests; the occult and Home brewing.

Baphomet: I don’t write lyrics, but when I write music I often find inspiration from old cult movies. The films of Jean Rollin and Argento, The original Wicker Man, The Blood on Satan’s Claw and Witchfinder General along with a dozen of other movies has a strange atmosphere and provides images that helps me set a mood for a riff or a passage.

Can you explain how the title thematically ties into their respective tracks “Lucifer”, “Leviathan”, and “Logos”

Our idea was to describe the mythological entities; Lucifer –the divine nature of man heading for the fall. Leviathan – the bestial nature of man. And Logos – Man’s Highest achievement on his own accord. And to interpret those beings musically.

What are your thoughts on the current state of occult styled rock, some call it doom metal, I call it good music?

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on these days. I guess we are just very happy that Nu-Metal lost its grip and people came to their senses and started listening to real music. We have been waiting there with our Rainbow and Uriah Heep records since we were kids and we are ever so happy that people don’t hate our music anymore!

So the debut is done and pressed, what’s next for Templi in terms of tours and shows?

We have no idea really. Hopefully people will like the album so we can go out and play.

Time for the two last questions; first what are the top 5 bands you are listening to at the moment?

1. (Lord Weird) Slough Feg
2. Manilla Road
3. Yob
4. Uriah heep
5. Jethro Tull (as always)

1. Deep Purple (as always)
2. Pagan Altar
3. Possessed
4. Goblin
5. Electric Wizard

Beer or Vodka

Abraxas: Homebrewed ale! And Whiskey!

Baphomet: Beer and Norwegian Aquavit. Vodka can go fuck itself.

Thanks again Magister Templi, I really enjoyed the debut its been in my play list every day since I heard it!


We are ever so happy to hear that!

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