A Fight You Can't Win - A Fight You Can't Win [Review]A Fight You Can’t Win is a foursome from Edinburgh have been kicking it around for a few years and set on tape their sophomore self titled EP. They are a self described grunge delivered with a punk attitude. I am not the largest fan of grunge but they had me at punk.I really enjoy music that you can’t put in a bucket, the type where its very hard to describe, its a sign, at least to me, that music like art in lacks boundaries and its OK and necessary to do what you feel as an artist.

For me this is a fitting description for these Scotland musicians. This isn’t hardcore metal, so don’t expect the like of Mutilation Rites, Cobalt, or Light Bearer, and other boundary smashing peers. Think more like mid 60’s vibe and groove with some nice heavy overlays. A Fight You Can’t Win has great riffs and well executed vocals without moving into that dangerous indie overly emotional arena.

The thing that really grabbed me about this band was the creative drumming. I have long been a fan of great drumming since Peter Criss first grabbed my young attention so many years ago. The method of playing here really reminds me of another top notch young band in England, Bovine. Stewart has the pop driving style when needed with added flair to show his style.

‘Viking Cancer’ definitely accentuates their straight up style. Whereas the opener ‘Bruised Like a Porn Star’, shows off the nice dual guitar work with some damn catchy riffs. Great vocals well executed with emotion and intonation really show that this quartet has it going on. All in all a great package. They even nod in on the lower end in ‘Jerusalem Crickets’, versatility is always good and keeps the listeners on their toes.

In short, not traditional metal, but damn good releases. Give A Fight You Can’t Win a chance, their infectious playing will may capture as well. If music is good then who cares what style it is. After all music is like art and literature, its about feelings and how it affects you. This one affected me at once, give them a try, you may be as taken as I am. To a A Fight You Can’t Win I say job well done.

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