65daysofstatic - Wild Light [Review]65daysofstatic are one of those bands that never stop amazing me. They always seem one step ahead of their peers and “Wild Light”, their latest album, is a prime example of this.

“Wild Light” is a wonderfully cinematic journey that features some truly great moments. It has the feel of a soundtrack to a well-regarded film … something sci-fi, adventurous & always on the move. Whether or not the film features Tom Cruise is up to your imagination but there is, most definitely, a cinematic element to this album … an offshoot, no doubt, from their recent rescoring of the classic sci-fi eco yarn “Silent Running” … an album I truly love that backs a film I truly love.

Coming back to the album at hand, if you consider the words I used about the “well-regarded film”, these words – “something sci-fi, adventurous & always on the move” – could as easily apply as a description “Wild Light” … simply because 65daysofstatic‘s music could so easily fit that bill.

This is future music … post-rock dynamics combined with electronic crunch to make something very special – music that is adventurous & always on the move.

The electronics are of note on “Wild Light” … beats, loops & synths that remind me of wild bands of my youth like the epic Boom Boom Satellites or even The Crystal Method. At times I even get a hankering for early Chemical Brothers whilst listening. The electronics used are bold, brash & big … sufficiently chunky to really expand their sound and play off their soaring guitars.

I do think it is 65DOS‘ approach to experimenting with electronics that allows them to stand out from the crowd … but it is their excellent post-rock delivery that ensures they stand head & shoulders above their peers. Yes, their Math Rock tendencies are exposed … and wonderfully so with some truly frenetic time signatures … but it is their emphasis of dynamics, on the ebb and flow of post-rock – the loud/quiet, soft/hard, slow/fast – that really makes this album stand out. They do it right.

I cannot pick out any standout tracks because this album is one continual standout journey … a real sonic tour de force … one that deserves a film written to back the music.

It’s genius lies in its ’togetherness’ and the consistency of expression. These factors work together to give “Wild Light” the cinematic quality I alluded to earlier. It is a wonderfully complete album … a whole rather than a series of tracks … and I, for one, prefer an album that has this level of consistency.

Where this album excels is not just in the mighty flourishes and grandiose post-rock builds and climaxes but in the tiny gestures too … the respite given to the listener by piano on “The Undertow” or the opening vocal sample (is it Gillian Anderson?) on “Hear Death Infinity Splitter”.

“Wild Light” is an excellent album … 51 minutes of wonder … played by a band who are not afraid to experiment and progress.

I cannot fault “Wild Light” by 65daysofstatic … I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and happily give it 10 out of 10!

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