48Hours - SecretsI don’t listen to the radio. Scratch that. I only listen to sports talk radio. Scratch that. I only listen to sports talk radio, and Top 40 crap when I’m in the car with my family. 95% of the time, I’m listening to music I have downloaded to my Zune. What is a Zune you might ask? Don’t get me started. Anyway, on the rare occasions I do listen to the radio, I turn the channel to the local “rock” station. Once in a while, in between the Nickelbacks and the Saving Abels, something decent comes on. I think any of the tracks from Kent, England’s trio 48Hours new “Secrests” E.P., coming out digitally May 6, 2013, would fit in this category.

48Hours consist of ex Colt.44 members Adam Jerome on vocals and guitar, Matt Savini on drums , and former After The Ordeal singer Gary Broughton on vocals and bass. These guys have the AOR modern rock radio format down pat. The three tracks on “Secrets” are an A&R guy’s wet dream; catchy hooks, easy to sing along lyrics, and 3:30 minute songs that will fit into any program director’s playlist.

48Hours has a “ready to party” feel about their music. These guys would totally fit in opening for the likes of a Three Days Grace, 10 Years, or Breaking Benjamin. The first track, ‘Hollow’, pulls you in quick with a bouncy beat, good harmonies, and a tight riff. The second track, ‘Not Alone’, slows it down just a bit, but not much. It is still easy for the girlies to pick up the groove and shake their butts. The title track closes out the E.P. with a little heavier riff than the previous tracks. However; fear not ye light of metal heart, 48Hours settles back into a sing-a-long chorus to keep you around.

“Secrests” is nice, tight, little sample of might be 48Hours future. If these guys keep this up they will be opening up for Theory of A Deadman, making bank, and banging higher quality groupies before they know it. Lucky pricks.

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