Download 2013 installed a Zip Line… a fucking Zip Line! The Lunatics! Many braved it, many didn’t. There was something strangely majestic about it, watching fellow rockers gracefully fly through the sky. Actually, scrap that, the majority were not graceful at all, but some quality Super Man poses, flying kicks and of course “Horns”, made it all worth while as an entertainment spectacle.

It was around 19:30 on Sunday though when things got rather interesting… We’d already seen numerous people “not catch” as they flew down the bottom end, rebounding and hanging helplessly like a saggy sack of spuds, awaiting rescue, but, this time the poor sod hanging like a doll became what the masses below liked to call “cannon fodder”. It’s a bit cruel, and a bit unfair I suppose, you know lobbing bottles and cups at some poor defenseless goon on a rope… but when you’ve had a few… it’s very funny! It’s even funnier though, when it becomes a moving target challenging everyone to hit them… we even found a video.

At the other end of Download Hill, Jared Leto was vaguely sounding something like 30 Seconds to Mars… In between being a bellend, adoring himself, getting kids on stage, making them cry and announcing every bloody date on the upcoming tour, he did the odd bit of singing. ‘This Is War’, ‘The Kill’, ‘Kings and Queens’, amongst others, all get an airing with some suitably saccharine visuals and props, but it has to be said, it’s a set of self indulgent pap… unless of course you’re twelve… and female.

…And, Oh Joy, we can catch the Jared self appreciation show again later this year on the following 30 Seconds to Mars tour dates in November:

14th – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
15th – Birmingham, NIA
16th – Manchester, Arena
18th – Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
19th – Glasgow, The Hydro
21st – Nottingham, Capital FM Arena
23rd – London, O2
26th – Belfast, Odyssey Arena
25th – Dublin, The O2

30 Seconds to Mars – Facebook Page

Photo credit: Jessica Gilbert Photography

Download Festival –  Official Website