Zico Chain - The Devil In Your HeartThe three piece alternative rock band Zico Chain are all geared up to release their new album “The Devil In Your Heart on the 16th April. The album plays host to award-winning string arranger Audrey Riley has added bands such as Foo Fighters and Muse to her already sterling repertoire. Zico also claimed this album was entirely self-produced and self-funded. So with that in mind, let’s have a listen to how a “self-produced” orchestral Zico Chain album sounds, shall we?

Although this album was primarily focused on the “string quartet” playing in the background, the only song you could really hear the beauty of the orchestra is in the fourth track, ‘Mercury Gift’ which was a stunning blend of raunchy, fast guitars that almost sounded like something System Of A Down would write, along with the epic ballad-type singing from vocalist and bass player Chris Glithero which makes this track sound like a male fronted version of Nightwish…but that was probably more due to the effect of the orchestra.

Songs such as ‘The Real Life’ and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ offered an athemic party track with rippling bass lines and head banging drum beats. The diamond track for me was track six, ‘Our Evil’ which was a blend of punky guitar riffs and emotional lyrics. This track sounded almost sleazy, a little bit like Backyard Babies, but with a kind of Misfits attitude, if you can ever imagine those two bands combined.

Slower songs such as ‘New Romantic’ and ‘More Than Life’ are a mellower sound taking you out of your party void and into a more meaningful and elegant world. But just as the acoustic guitars come out, they are soon put back away again as the orchestra flares up and the over powering sensation of loud, locomotive noise takes control.

Drummer Oli Middleton says it best:

The title sounds like a negative, but this album is about wisdom, and it’s relentlessly optimistic.”

And that is just what it is. Each lyric has something in it that everyone can relate to, bringing you out of even the foulest of moods. There isn’t a track on this album, which I didn’t want to turn off. No matter what genre of Rock you’re into, whether it is thrash metal or punk or hardcore, you can find influences from all of it in Zico Chain. This album is definitely one for the collection.

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