Zaar – AbkehrThe bio of German band Zaar states:

We’re a collective of three musicians who are obsessed by music and art. The interest for all kinds of music, art in general and passions has led us to a project that is full of eagerness to experiment as well as pure power.”

Certainly, their release “Abkehr” supports their claim, its tumultuous intensity and unforgiving sonic explorations keen and eager to incite, inspire and intrusively probe.

Zaar stir up the senses with a striking and piercing blend of experimental metal and punk that finds itself in the same camp as the likes of Coilguns and even more so Kunz.  The trio disengage and reconstruct structures and ideas to bring a freedom to their sound and its creation. At times that means it can scour the senses like acid, stripping layers away and in other explode into inspired instinctive melodies and rhythms that spark an almost primal connection and pleasure. It is constantly ear catching, surprising and blatant in its attempt to take the listener into unexpected avenues and responses.

The band consists of Rob, Dawid, and Martin with the vocals provided on “Abkehr” by Alex v. Bolzn, a lady that has a range and delivery as dominant, expressive and growly as the sounds. The band say “Abkehr,” which means “renunciation” or “turning away”, is basically their live show as a studio recording, 30 minutes of intense creativity performed as one complete piece.

The release plays like a struggle, a combative piece against anything one wishes to imagine with lyrics in the band’s native tongue, but the sense and emotive feel leads to think of normality, a complacent society and our own personal antagonists. Tracks like ‘Das dunkle Gestirn’ and ‘Rekonfigurator’ stomp and rampage through the ear and beyond with ruptured directions, multiple sonic tangents and dense entanglements of regular and aberrant explorations. Though brief the tracks pack in a mighty punch that initially belies the quite complex creativity beneath. ‘zum Refrigerator’ is another swift but ferocious attack upon the senses, its vicious unrelenting assault leaving one clutching unpredictable violations and ingenuity to their breast.

Best track is the ten minute glory of ‘Versuch eines Dialogs mit Schmerz’. It writhes and sways with ideas and aural imagination most long for. It carries a smoother melodic flow than other tracks without neglecting the near cacophonous mêlée of conflicting notes and chords. It is a breath taking exhilarating ride that teases and exposes the senses to suggestions and free musical tastes.

“Abkehr” strikes hard without leaving one numb, its inspiring ideas leaving a deeply satisfying mark. For many it may take a bit of patience as Zaar have created a brute that is not easily accessible initially but once inside it opens up a multitude of gratifying sounds.

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