With a title like “I Hate My Friends” it would be expected to hear a lot of rage and raw emotion from Orange County’s emotional punk band Young English, but what you hear is not just emotion, it’s whole-heartedly exhilarating.

The energizing opening number ‘Neighbors’ compromises anthemic choruses with grungy guitars oozing contagiously catchy beats throughout. The fastidious guitars in ‘New England’ unified with rapturous vocals leave you feeling momentarily dizzy with awe.

The indie melodies in ‘Anchors’ and ‘I Knew You Once’ blended with heart felt lyrics create this jumpy, feel-good tunage which is near impossible not to jiggle to. With a sound that is completely their own, there is no mistaking the sheer phonemic power that runs through this bands blood.

The only downside to this EP is its over too quickly. Nonetheless, this is a perfect little compilation to keep us on our toes until a full-length album is in store. This band is one to watch, it is clear we’re going to be seeing a lot more from Young English in the future.

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