Xandria - Neverworld's EndWith its seductive vocals, polished technicalities and dark symphonies, Xandria’s album “Neverworld’s End” is a sovereign gem! It reigns supreme amongst the orchestral textures and is reminiscent of a movie soundtrack that is yet to be made. With every track focused on vocals, rhythm and composition – Xandria has eclipsed the metal worshipping souls.

Epic! I don’t mean that in a colloquial phrase bur rather in its literal dictionary meaning. “Neverworld’s End” exudes power and it is by far, impressive with the track list of heroic narratives. All of which is vocalized by the crown-jewels of the German based band, Manuella Kralle. Some might liken her opera vocals to that of Tarja Turunen though Kralle brings about more exuberance and less screech. The album took a period of five years to come together and is to be released in late February 2012 by Napalm Records.

I particularly appreciate the sharp icy atmosphere that is evident on the “Neverworld’s End” release. It is spellbinding with Kralle’s vocals and even more so with the darting guitar solos and seasonal symphonies. The track ‘Valentine’ truly catches and lingers long after the album is played out simply because of its bold ability to infuse heavy metal with orchestral elements to excellence. Another track that stupefies is ‘Call Of The Wind’ with its folk and pagan elements present. The track locks down on good guitar work and solid beats. In fact, Xandria are absolute musicians with great technique and art of high competence.

The track list runs smooth, their compositions illustrate stylistic variation and Xandria‘s faults are minor, if any. There are vigorous and fierce metal moments but nothing to write home about though with that said – “Neverworld’s End” satisfies every symphonic and melodic metal check list.

Fans and audiences of the TurunenNightwish era will be more than content with Xandria’s “Neverworld’s End.” Even so, any listener with a penchant for symphonic metal should grab an album copy and never let go. This is worth a top drawer collection!

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