wykked wytch - the ultimate deception

“You are going to burn in Hell!” rebukes Wykked Wytch’s Ipek on a track from the recent release “The Ultimate Deception”. The album reigns in a manic shade of blood rage complete with head banging demonic asphyxiation!

The album galvanises its listeners from beginning to end – much in the way that extreme heavy metal does with the inclusion of the brusque rasping vocals of female front lady Ipek. “The Ultimate Deception” is a stuffy blend of textures, styles and genres all locked down with tight production values.

The South Florida band do not hold back on their fifth full length release and pounce on various elements to create their impressions. The mastering values of “The Ultimate Deception” were handled by Alan Douches of Black Dahlia Murder fame thus expect an infallible piece of artwork with aggressive surges and raw fisted vehemence. With Goomba Music supporting Wykked Wytch – the official ten track album was released on 14 February 2012.

I appreciate the hellish fast paced tracks of “The Ultimate Deception” despite the fact that its calamity remains to be the integration of too many styles and a lack of breathing room in a tune. The track list opens with ‘Birthing the Beast’ which starts with a symphonic synthesis and abruptly plunges into diabolic hard-lines followed by a mass incorporation of riffs, which does not allow for the track to run fluidly. This can be stated due to the chaotic not so smooth order of the track list. Further down the album, ‘Abolish the Weak’ bleeds on a superior lick and immediately shows potential with the technicalities of the band. The particularities of this track encase superior use of instruments and don’t shy away from some death metal. In fact that specific track had me panting for more! Much can be said for the infernal vocals of Ipek on “The Ultimate Deception” which is able to rope the listener in. However on the more clean singing parts, Ipek’s vocal demonstrations become slightly weak and lose edge. One track which stands above the rest is the rendition of Metallica’s ‘Fade to Black’. Wykked Wytch’s crusty black metal approach to a classic is superbly turned out. It allows for a ‘break’ in the album and consequently a bit or breathing room.

The production values really hold Wykked Wytch’s new release together. The band are no strangers to their instruments nor are they lacking in material – the stumble is the track listing is not in the best order for the release as well as the incorporation of excessive elements. Extreme metal requires extreme fans – robust listeners can give this a go!


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