Come Alive - WrenneI’m not used to reviewing singles. I prefer to have a broader view of the music set down before me. We can all have off-days and I’m not sure a single track can be truly representative of an artist.

That said… I have enjoyed ’Come Alive’ by Wrenne and would sum it up with three P’s: profound, pop, and potential.

This isn’t my usual thing. I’m not a fan of modern-day rap music… especially within the popular mainstream. I’m more of a Quannum kind of guy. It’s just a bit too pop or profane for my delicate sensibilities, to be honest. And I’m not really a fan of pop music either… as the Threadless tee goes ’I listen to bands that don’t exist yet’.

Wrenne, however, has a glint of something special… I guess it comes from the profound nature of the lyrics. Yes, I believe this track has the potential to become a pop hit and I would welcome it being so… she expresses herself well in the rapping verses and sung choruses… in a positive, upbeat manner. Her lyrics and her presentation save this from being just another Pink wannabe.

The music that backs her rapping / singing is pleasantly delightful in and of itself… a jaunty beat and bass, synths, acoustic guitar and samples working together to create an interesting wall-of-sound.

This track points to real potential… but I’d need to hear more before I could form a fuller opinion. Would I buy it? Probably not but I’m not her target market. I guess I would enjoy it on the radio while driving in my car. Could I see my eldest daughter getting all excited over her music, on the other hand? Yes, most definitely, and I’d welcome it, to be honest, because it’s better than some of the manufactured dross that is put out there for her supposed listening pleasure.

I look forward to watching Wrenne progress and wish her every success on this journey. If the rest of her music holds that ’something special’ that ’come alive’ does then get career will certainly come alive.

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