Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save The WorldWe’ve had to wait nearly two bloody decades for this album from the original “Tamworth Terrors”, and now it’s dropped, we have realised that Wolfsbane have delivered a masterstroke of true “Super Villain” proportions. The title of the album is a ruse; Wolfsbane are not saving the world, they are launching an all out, balls to the wall, British metal attack. Howling Mad Shitheads across the globe are uniting and rising up. Rising up in a fist raising frenzy, and all to a superbly delivered raucous soundtrack.

“Wolfsbane Save The World” is a belter from start to finish, carrying the baton from years gone by and reminding us why Wolfsbane created such a wave when they first landed. Blaze Bayley is still spot on as the orchestrating front man. He’s older, possibly wiser, and still got the passion and fire, regardless of whether he’s delivering cheeky theatrics, or full blown horns in the air rock anthems.

Album opener ‘Blue Sky’ set’s the early pace. Jase Edwards shows he’s still no slouch over six strings, as the boogie and beat starts infecting everyone within earshot. Bayley’s vocal’s are huge and effortless, soaring through the sort of chorus lines that stay embedded in your psyche for days. The blue touch paper has been well and truly lit by the time Bayley‘s tongue is planted in his cheek, and we are guided through the grin inducing romp that is ‘Teacher’. ‘Buy My Pain’ delivers a spiky crunch with groove laden basslines meandering through from Jeff Hateley, it’s an instant Wolfsbane classic through and through. ‘Starlight’ sees Kathy Wilson running for cover, as the boys show their sensitive sides, and put their hearts on their sleeves.

If you want an anthem, then look no further than ‘Smoke And Red Light’. Simply huge; the perfect Wolfsbane party rocker. Hook laden, infectious and audacious it has it all. Sums up everything that Wolfsbane was.. and still are. ‘Illusion Of Love’ has Bayley going all “Meat Loaf” bouncing vocals off the delectable Givvi Flynn. Coming in at just over six minutes, it’s a veritable epic by Wolfsbane standards.

“Wolfsbane Save The World” is a stonker of an album. No messing about it ticks all the boxes and fills the massive void left by these four reprobates when they disappeared all those years ago.

A tricky one in terms of release date though. Released via the band’s website late last year, but officially released 9th January 2012, it meant we weren’t allowed to include it in our 2011 best of lists. So it looks like we have a very early contender for 2012 top tens. On the positive side, if you have any Christmas money left over that’s burning a hole in your pocket… Wolfsbane have a damn fine suggestion on what it should be spent on.


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