woccon - the wither fieldsWoccon is a band from Athens Georgia that was founded by Tim Rowland. Unlike many of their peers from Georgia, Woccon doesn’t play down and dirty sludge metal. No instead they play a hybrid of death and doom metal similar to early Paradise Lost or even Katatonia at times. From what I can see on their bio it would appear that they are unsigned at the moment which is kind of surprising considering that the album is actually fairly well played.

The “Wither Fields” is fairly short at 4 songs in under half an hour, but the band make every moment count in those songs. The music is dark and dreary with tons of melody. Like Paradise Lost the band also heavily piles on the gothic sound which makes for a crushing, yet enjoyable experience.

Unlike a lot of other bands who play this style of music Rowland doesn’t make the same mistake that most others do-Instead of having his growls be too guttural, Tim instead adopts a technique that while growling almost sounds like singing at the same time. This in my opinion is the problem with many gothic doom metal bands-that they try too hard to sound evil with the vocals when in fact they should be using the vocals to enhance the melancholy rather than detract from it.

All of the songs are enjoyable and there isn’t a single song on here that I could possibly complain about. The highlight song for me on this album would have to be ‘Our Ashes’ which sounds incredibly dark and beautiful. It’s a great track, and if you never end up buying this album and you are a metalhead, you need o hear this track.  The rest of the songs on the album also hold up well, but “Our Ashes is the definite highlight.”

Check the album out, hopefully these guys get signed soon. A full-length would be fantastic.

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