Columbian thrasher’s Witchtrap recently released the awesome “Vengeance Is My Name” on Hell’s Headbanger’s Records. The album takes one back to the glory day’s of thrash where Slayer ruled and Metallica actually played heavy metal. The band’s drummer Witchammer took the time to talk to me about the album and the band.

Congrats on your latest album “Vengeance is My Name.” How has the advanced feedback been so far?

Witchammer: Hello Curtis thanks a lot for your words of support, that’s a total honour that you gave us.

Well, this new album has been a total surprise for us, there are a lot of fans who are talking about it. We were only expecting from some radicals followers to talk about it, and almost all of them are thrashed by this new one. We have received many congratulations through the virtual media you know by social nets, all maniacs are giving us fucking good words about the “Vengeance” album. All has been terrific!!!

To my understanding you guys have been around for a while now, but that “Vengeance is My Name” is the first album of yours to receive decent distribution outside of Columbia. How did the deal with Hell’s Headbanger’s come about? Are you excited to be working with them?

Witchammer: Yeah, Witchtrap is an underground band that hadn’t received enough distribution out side of Colombia, but anyway we have won some followers around the world and it’s great to get in touch personally to all them by internet or other ways, you know.

To work with HHR it’s fucking great, They have been very honest and fair with us, and they took the first step to get in touch with the band band in 2006 to press our 2nd album “No Anesthesia.”  After that, it has been easy for us to work with them and we’re really satisfied with their work and distro with our stuff around the world.

How is the Columbian metal scene? Is metal even a big thing down there?

Witchammer: The Colombian Metal scene is fucking awesome, but you can find some posers and some stupid guys dressing like headbangers for a night show. I think that is common in everywhere, but here there are many good bands and fucking metalheads ready to bang and blow their ears in a Metal show and buying and going for all metal bands from over here. For example In Bogotá Colombia is doing the biggest festival in South America called “Rock Al Parque” with free entrance to the maniacs, that’s great and it is an amazing place to show what are you doing with your bands and get more exposure. The Colombian Metal scene is terrific as hell!!!

You guys seem to have a heavy 80s thrash influence, specifically a Slayer sound to your album. What other bands have been an influence for you guys?

Witchammer: Our bigger influence is VENOM, there is no other one, but we have been influenced too by bands such as: Exciter, Running Wild, Warrant, Tyrant, Twisted Sister, Riot, Saxon, Raven, Anvil, Triumph, UFO, and all NWOBHM, as well as many others.

Do you have any plans to tour outside of Columbia or is it financially not even real right now?

Witchammer: For Witchtrap, it’s really hard to tour outside of Colombia, we are poor people and we have no enough money to tour out side of Colombia but there are other reasons as well, they are for example:

  1. The promoters wants us to pay for the plane tickets and obviously we can’t do it, we’d need to be rich people in Colombia to do that.
  2. To get VISAS it’s really hard for Colombian people because the custom office and embassy from other countries thinks we are narcotics traffickers.
  3. This May we went to Chile for the very first time, but the promoters gave us all payments I mean plane tickets, staying, feeding and fee per shows all was correct as it must to be done.

Anyway, we are talking with one promoter in USA to make it real this year, we hope it works this time.

According to the bio on your website, Witchhammer and Ripper both started by playing death metal. What caused you to want to change your sound to a more metal/thrash influenced?

Witchammer: It was because we realized that were doing a different kind of metal than we. I mean after some rehearsals in the early days we were kidding with some thrash riffs Ripper did in the rehearsal room and I started to play simple drum bit (tu-pa tu-pa) then we realized that we had to stop the death metal we were doing. We had to start playing the kind of metal we liked and that was thrash metal with heavy metal touches.

The album cover is definitely not your stereotypical thrash cover! Who came up with it and what is is supposed to symbolize?

Witchammer: The new artwork it’s perfect to show the most inner sense of a human being. Vengeance is the most important thing in natural custom in men lives, because it represents the way to take justice, and Vengeance is savage and aggressive, and all of us(human being) have felt a desire to take vengeance against some one who has hurt us, as the only way to take justice.

The Mammoth represents it and how it is vengeance for each human being-We are Satanically vindictive.

How did you guys get into metal in the first place?

Witchammer: I started in 1987 by mistake. I had homework in high school about rock story’s and for this homework I had to hear some stuff about metal. Since then  I’ve been hooked on Metal at first listen- AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

My brother got into Metal scene with his neighbors friends, and we both started at the same time. Later we separated and realized that we both  listen to the same kind of music.

Anything else you want to say to the readers?

Witchammer: Hey Curtis total thanks for your support of Witchtrap and giving us this place to talk to your readers about our band. We hope you like it and get in touch very soon.

To the Metalheads we say: Beware of us, ’cause we are here to thrash!!!

Witchtrap – Facebook page