On the back of their recent album “Judas”, Hungarian power metallers Wisdom come as first support for Sabaton on their Swedish Empire Tour. Chris Tippell caught up with bassist Máté Molnár, vocalist Gábor Nagy and guitarist Máté Bodor for a quick chat about the importance of such a tour slot, the album “Judas” and what the future holds for them.

First of all, you’ve been on this tour for a while now. How has it been for you?

Máte M: Its nice, you know this is our first tour?

Yeah your first UK tour?

Máté M: First UK tour and the first Wisdom tour so it is really great for us because we travel to cities we have never seen, we play to a lot of people who don’t know what Wisdom is, so its fun, its a great present for us. (laughs)

Gábor: And the audiences seem pretty good everytime.

Ok cool so its been pretty good thus far. Has there been any places in particular that have been highlights for you?

Máté M: Erm…hopefully tonight (all laugh), we can’t wait for this concert in London.

Máté B: There was Manchester

Máté M: There was a few but we think this is going to be the best. This is the biggest venue on this UK tour.

So the crowds have been good to you thus far?

Máté M: Erm, it depends, like we played a smaller venue a couple of days ago and the atmosphere was good but the crowd, it depends where we play really. I mean Manchester was cool, Wolverhampton and hopefully today is going to be crazy, it just depends if it’s a bigger town you know more people come in and go crazy I guess.

Ok, and how important is such a support slot to you?

Máté M: Its pretty important. There are a few bands we could play with like Edguy or Helloween, but Sabaton and us are pretty similar so it is good for us.

Obviously, there is a fairly similar fanbase I guess. Is there much of a fanbase for you guys here in the UK?

Máté M. We don’t know yet. I know we have in Germany (laughs). But first we have to play in the UK then we can say. So right now its introducing the band.

Máté B: Maybe when we come back in a couple of years time we will.

And is tour on the back of your last album “Judas”?

Máté M: Yes, because this year we signed a deal with NoiseArt Records so we get the chance to play this “Judas” album for you all. We want to show it in the US but first we have to show it here. It was released in August just a few days before we started this tour.

Máté B: So its kind of an album release tour.

Fair enough, and has the relationship with NoiseArt been good thus far?

Máté M: Yeah it is, I think they are satisfied with us, the feedback has been pretty great. They know what happens with the band, I think they are satisfied.

How well has Judas been received?

Máté M: (thinks) I don’t know, when we do this tour I think 90% of people don’t know about Wisdom, but after the show they buy the CDs and the feedback is great but we don’t know, when we do this touring there are a lot of people who don’t know about us. That’s why we are here to promote this album and promote ourselves.

Máté B: We got all these reviews from magazines and webzines and stuff but it depends where you go and where the guys are writing from. Like the guys in Germany they say it is like “epic, awesome”, it depends where the country is. We got some from the US which was pretty cool. It just depends who’s writing it.

Máté M: The most important is the fans who are here.

Máté B: The best feedback is always from the fans.

Have there been places where it hasn’t been so well then?

Máté B: erm… I wouldn’t say so no not really, its all been quite positive.

Gábor: We don’t really care so much for the newspapers

Ok, and is it a bit premature to talk about a new album at all?

Máté M: Actually a new Wisdom album is planned for Spring of 2013 and, I don’t know already we are ready with the songs so when we go back we would like to finish in December and send it to the record label.

And is there a lot more touring planned at the moment?

Máté M: Next year there will be the Eastern European part of the tour and after some festivals in the summer, and probably from the autumn there will be more touring but we don’t know with which bands yet.

And anything else planned at all.

Máté B: Just preparing for this big concert at home we do every year. It’s a regular show and like a tradition. After that just finish the album and from 1st March the big tour with Sabaton again.

Well thanks a lot for taking the interview, is there anything else you would like to add?

Máté M: Cheers for friends!

Gábor: Future friends.

Máté M: Future friends in the UK (all laugh) hopefully there will be some after this tour. Thanks a lot.

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