Wisdom – JudasIf you are a power metal fan but have not come across the enterprising Hungarian band Wisdom yet, then with the release of their new album “Judas” on August 24th via NoiseArt Records, now is the time to discover a band and release which is strong, vibrant, and ready to thrill. The genre is renowned for over the top grandeur and pomp, let alone heart bursting energy and Wisdom are no slouches on that front. Their album is a more controlled and firmly directed one compared to many others to give a more rewarding and pleasing time in its company.

Following up their 2006 debut album “Words of Wisdom,” the band has unleashed with “Judas” a batch of songs which fuse heavy and power metal into stirring brews of energy and melodic enterprise. Their history to date has found them sharing stages with the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, Europe, Helloween, Stratovarius, Saxon, Doro, U.D.O.  to name a few, and one can hear many of those influences within their new release, strong spices flavouring their own sound. With the theme of betrayal fuelling the album, its title inspired by the biggest of all, “Judas” feeds the ear with a constant supply of great melodies and heart pumping sounds.

The Budapest band offer an atmospheric opening to ‘Fallin’ Away From Grace’ lighting up the ear instantly. The song stomps with a keen yet controlled energy and pace through the ear to deliver great group harmonies upon pulsating bass play alongside flaming guitar enterprise. Vocalist Gabor Nagy is strong and resists filling the air with unnecessary trills and screams to keep within a firm yet open palate of sound. It is a rampant song which makes for a good beginning easily backed up by the rest of the release.

Songs like the infectious ‘Age Of Lies’ with its feisty energy and muscular breath, ‘Live Forevermore’ with its breathtaking pace, and power ballad ‘Heaven And Hell’, show strong variety to the album and songwriting giving a rounded presence from the release. There is a definite similarity across its length which leaves very few surprises to be discovered but it is still a boisterous and entertaining album which leaves a smile on the senses.

Main highlights come later in the album, firstly with the anthemic ‘Silent Hill’, the bludgeoning ‘At The Gates’, and the finale ‘Judas’. The second of the trio is a rippling flurry of punchy riffs and thrashing rhythms to leave a light bruise upon the ear whilst the closing song which features Mats Levén from Therion, is a festering piece of vehemence fused into a glowing melodic weave of majesty. The best song on the album it is the only track to have its own real identity and excels within that freedom.

“Judas” is a great release which will find without doubt fuller responses within power metal hearts. For the rest of us it and Wisdom make for a gratifying 40 minutes of familiarity brought with a generous and keen heart.

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