Wisdom - JudasListeners hunting for thee power metal album that raises those unsightly back hairs – stop what you are doing – because it has arrived! Hungarian traditional metal band, Wisdom, have put out an immaculate note-hammering release entitled “Judas”. Boasting ten flawlessly produced tracks on their latest album – it is not surprising that Wisdom were head-hunted by Rock the Nation and NoiseArt Records earlier 2012.

A ghost character better known as the ‘wise-man’ has become a central figure in all of Wisdom’s releases – becoming an unofficial mascot who seems to create an ongoing saga in the lyrics. On “Judas”, the ‘wise-man’ lingers around the tracks offering lyrical commentary on various notions of treachery.  The orthodox character adds a signature touch to the band as well as makes for an interesting singer-songwriter relationship.

Background aside, “Judas” comprises of strapping solo licks from guitarist Zsolt Galambos and Gabor Kovacs, baritone and clean vocals of Gabor Nagy, pummelling drumming from Balazs Agota and nuances of a haunting bass from Mate Molnar. Each band member contributes to the thriving energy of the album of which seizes the listeners’ attention from beginning till end.

Highlight tracks of the release are ‘Fallin’ Away From Grace’ which opens up lively and robust with a marching chorus, there is the fast-paced guitar spitting ‘Live Forevermore’, classic paean ‘Heaven and Hell’, dark and percussion furious ‘At the Gates’ and title-track ‘Judas’. Each track crafts a new atmospheric experience for the listener and the breakdown riffs are unbelievable. The only critical mention is the beguiling tunes that remain engraved in memory long after the album is played.

Wisdom have produced a tight full-length studio album with many high points. “Judas” easily scores on quality as it aims to be purely about the music thus cutting out unnecessary samples and doing away with orchestral arrangements. Wisdom scorchers on musical simplicity and succeeds. Tell your friends – we have a winner!

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