White Clouds & Gunfire - Zero To Hero [Review]When I listen to a band for a review, and I haven’t heard of them before, I make it a point not to learn anything before that first listen. I want the music to speak for itself, with no expectations.  With that in mind, as soon as “You Think You Know Me,” the first track on White Clouds & Gunfire‘s “Zero to Hero” EP, started, I though, great. This is going to be some whiny pop-punk with some guy singing about how I can’t understand what it’s like to be him. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when vocalist Eveline Verdegaal started singing.

Don’t get me wrong; this is pretty by-the-numbers pop-punk, and there’s not much to make it stand out from the genre besides the female vocalist who doesn’t whine and who, honestly, sounds like she’s having fun. However, the vocals alone are enough to at least make me give it a second listen.  And while it is pretty standard pop-punk, it’s the happy pop-punk. You know the kind; it touches the idea of loss and longing, as on the second track, “Satellite,” but it does so with its eyes on the future rather than the past, and it does so with a hopeful tone.

I’ll be entirely honest; I’m not really a fan of pop-punk. However, White Clouds & Gunfire’s “Zero to Hero” EP, while not really my thing, wasn’t bad at all. If pop-punk’s your thing, give them a try, and you’ll probably like them. I certainly didn’t dislike them, and I dislike a lot of pop-punk, so that’s high praise coming from me.

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