Where The Skeletons Play - Generation WarsBristol based studio project Where The Skeletons Play formed in 2011 with the intention of releasing an EP every year that would make an impact on the UK scene. The duo of Stitch (vocals and vocal effects) and Bones (Instrumentation) have definitely done so with their debut effort ‘Generation Wars’.

Musically, ‘Generation Wars’ is different beast to anything I have heard for a while, managing to mix some delicate minimal ambience with some good old fashioned chaotic hard rock to fine effect.  From the short introduction ‘The Ghosts on The Frontline’, where the sharp piano pierces the atmospheric instrumental at an unsettling volume to the rest of the track, flows into ‘Never Born A Criminal’ where the band start to show their rock influences, it brings to mind the likes of Tool, Deftones and Nine Inch Nails mixing up the quiet with the loud to such atmospheric effects.

‘At Your Epicentre’ and ‘When The World Was Black And White’ combine the two styles as the song grows into a crescendo of guitars and noise, before the closing number ‘41526-004‘ returns to the quieter style, although has one last burst of energy before fading out.

The equipment used in the recording brings a sense of history to this new project, with items such as Motörhead amps, drum mics used to record The Beatles, a pre amp that was at the 1966 World Cup final and a sound desk from a bond movie is some pretty decent heritage.

The eclectic mix works and for a new band to be so experimental and for it to turn out so well is very encouraging, and on this form the next EP can’t come round quick enough. Although understandable being purely studio based, as relaying some of the more ambient moments might be difficult in a live setting, it would be interesting to see how the band would approach this. Another example of a good new British band doing things there own way.

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