When Nothing Remains - As All Torn AsunderA side project of sorts featuring members of doom metal stalwarts Nox Aurea , The Cold Existence and Draconian , this debut features exactly what you’d expect from that combination of musicians – beautifully bleak, majestic and powerful epics piling on the pathos and anguish from start to finish.

Closer in style to Nox Aurea than the other acts mentioned this has slightly more pace and is not quite so demonstrably glum as other doom metal acts, but nevertheless retains that unique sense of morbidity and sadness in every throaty roar and delicately plucked string.

Some fine piano and orchestral arrangements really add to the sense of grandeur and lift this album above the level of many of the current crop of My Dying Bride copyists. The title track in particular shows off the attention to detail in the songwriting. None of this is thrown together, and it feels as though it has been something of a labour of love for Peter Laustsen and Jan Sallander, who are the main creative force behind this endeavour.

Jan’s voice is as powerful and laconic as ever and booms wonderfully thanks to a deliberately expansive and grandiose production that lends itself so well to these compositions.

Clean vocals add a touch of colour in the greyness but never clutter the overall feel of this majestic slab of doom.

Overall this is not as spellbinding as Swallow The Sun or as achingly mournful as My Dying Bride, but it is a cracking album and well worth $5 for a lossless download direct from their bandcamp page.

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