Ian Girle was impressed with “No One Is Safe” by Yorkshire-based metal outfit When Giants Collide. Enough reason for a friendly chat with the whole band…

First of all congratulations for producing a beast of a record. You must be very pleased with what you’ve achieved.

Thanks! It was a long time in the making, some songs were already 3 years old before they saw the light of day on this EP. We’ve had a really positive response from fans and a mixed response from critics, but ultimately we’re happy to have gotten our first release out there.

How long has the band been going and how did you all meet?

We started in late 2008, some of us were in bands together, but we all knew each other from playing together at local shows.

There is some pretty impressive musicianship on the record; is this the result of strict individual practice routines or just lots of playing together as a band?

Bit of both really, we all have our own individual practice routines outside of band practice and then we come together twice a week to make sure everything is tight collectively.

Do you have plans to tour?

Yes we do! We’re in the process of arranging something for this summer! Stay tuned.

Is there a thriving metal scene in your part of the country or do you find yourselves ploughing a lonely furrow?

It can be hit and miss, we’ve played more line-ups with hardcore bands than bands we share influences with. Often we’re the odd band out on many line-ups but we always seem to get a good response from the crowd, maybe it works in our favour.

Bit of a guitar geek question this one: what tunings do you use – are you down tuned very far below the usual “E”?

We use 7 strings, drop tuned half a step down to Ab/G#

How long did it take you to record “No One Is Safe”?

Absolutely ages, we started recording it early 2010 as a 4 piece and then we had a line-up change,  we replaced our vocalist and added an additional guitarist. By the time of the line-up change the EP had been recorded and re-recorded because we wanted it to sound the best it could. Revitalised with the new members it pushed us to hurry up and get it finished.

I took the title of the EP to be a warning to the unwary listener. Was I correct, or is there more to it than that?

It’s more one of those titles that combined with the band name, forms a sentence. The idea came from The Haunted‘s album “Made Me Do It”.

Do you have plans to record an album at some point in the future?

Yeah, our debut album is on the cards, we have more than enough songs already, but first things first and our next EP ‘Versus’ will be coming out next. We can’t wait for people to hear it!

Clearly you’ll want to headline as much as possible. But if you were to be offered the perfect support slot, which band would it be with?

Actually we try to avoid Headlining shows as we don’t think we’re ready for that quite yet. As far as support slots go, we’d love to share the stage with some great UK talent, the likes of Monument, Aliases and Heart Of A Coward. Down the line supporting overseas bands such as Textures or A Life Once Lost would be awesome.

Thank you for taking the time to share your answers with ThisIsNotAScene, and all the best for the future. I for one can’t wait to hear what you do next!

Thank you guys! Keep up the good work and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for ‘Versus’…Coming Soon!


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