warseid - Where Fate Lies UnboundMadison Wisconsin, just like Minneapolis are places you just don’t associate with quality metal. Proven wrong again about these types of places by a band known as Warseid. They have been kicking around since late 2008 and have spent these last few years writing and honing their craft in preparation of their debut, “Where Fate Lies Unbound”. They have a slight symphonic feel but there is certainly more hear, it gathers some really nice progressive sounding chords and beats to say the least.

‘Frost Upon the Embers’ opens on a rather pleasant Spanish style acoustic riff, with electrics added in as a direct complement to the intro. Vocals nicely accentuated in this the most symphonic feeling of the tracks. The symphonic parts are not overdone but rather remain a darkly pleasant part of the background. This allows the main guitars, bass and drums to do the talking.

‘The Vengeance Pact’ also uses their technique of acoustic opening riffs with the electrics answering in kind, very well done here. This particular track has drums as a good standout. It may seem like a straightforward drumming style but the more times I listen the more I come to appreciate the complexity in even the simplest of songs. This is one of their more progressive sounding tracks on the release, with some really inventive riffing and bass work.

‘Farewell’ starts off more on the Gothic side of the ocean than anything else, its rather fitting way to kick off given the tracks namesake. These lads really display a nice variety yet cohesive assembly of sounds. This track even boasts some rather excellent clean singing and harmonies which of course only backs this up as a more Gothic approach. Warseid does a great job commingling the guttural screams into this track as well without taking anything away from the emotion and power that was set up earlier.

Although it may be impossible to put these lads in a bucket, does that really matter, it’s only a label anyway. This is a great offering with some well done progressive overtones. Creativity on all instruments abounds here and lets hope that they are working on new material already. The only downside to this release is that it had to end. Warseid is their name and metal is their game, OK, that was a bit heavy handed, but it’s the truth. Listen to these lads they deserve it.

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