Warbringer - Worlds Torn AsunderWarbringer is a thrash outfit hailing from California. This quintet makes no apologies or excuses and does their thrash talking through their music. This is an in your face no holds barred head banging does of thrash served straight up with a side of neck damage. Its bands like this, Diamond Plate, Havok, and the like that show us release after release that thrash is alive and well.

“Worlds Torn Asunder” is the third release for the Californians and opens on a fast and furious note of ‘The Living Weapon’. From the opening call of Kevill to “Open Fire” till the end this is a rollercoaster of furious beats and riffs. The energy that these five lads bring to the opening bars really sets the tone for the entire album. You can hear the dedication to the craft on this one, there is nothing but high energy and masterful delivered sounds. As the needle moves into ‘Shattered Like Glass’, we find another perfectly executed, thrash masterpiece. Kevill is in great voice, riffs are driving, and beat is perfect. In short, this is an example of everything that is right with thrash.

‘Echoes from the Void’ and ‘Behind the Veils of Night’ are the slower paced tracks on this release. ‘Echoes’ is pure thrash albeit done on a slow beat with some deep grooves but it is still furious from the first to the last. ‘Behind the Veils of Night’ is a wonderful instrumental, centered on great acoustic guitar and piano work. This song certainly shows the audience that Warbringer has a flair for musicianship, if the preceding eight tracks didn’t convince you of that.

Regardless of public opinion that thrash is dead, this style is alive and well and in many cases has matured like a fine wine. Sure the old stuff was great, it was new, it was brutal, but over time the style has been honed and perfected, giving us some of the great metal we have today. One need only pay attention to bands like Warbringer to realize this; the talent and emotion with which this release was delivered is but one example of how today’s artists are committed to keeping metal alive and well.

“Worlds Torn Asunder” is a must have release for any fan of metal; it is destined to become a cornerstone for the thrash movement. These five from the West have certainly made their mark with each release and their latest is by far their most indelible. If it is head banging you desire go out and get this one, it is pound for pound, high voltage metal as it was meant to be.

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