Wall of the Eyeless - Through EmptinessA bit of an international flavour to this release from death metal band Wall of the Eyeless, whose two members hail from Russia and Sweden.  Not really conforming to any death metal stereotypes – European or otherwise – the band make an interesting noise that should appeal not only to the death metal fraternity but also those with an ear for sounds ranging from the heavier end of doom through to the coldness of 90’s black metal.

‘The Hands’ begins as a mid-paced death metal stomper, before a series of blastbeats leads into a thrashing verse topped off with a guttural growl that fits the low-end rumblings perfectly.  A little less conventional – for a death metal band, anyway – is the blackened noise of ‘Do We Belong Here?’ that simmers at a drone-like mid-pace before exploding into a frenetic solo and then breaking itself down into a folky acoustic passage, just before the pounding metal comes back and kicks you in the face.

As this is only a demo, it would be interesting to hear what the band could come up with given a recording budget and a producer as there are plenty of ideas at play here.  Mixing up the extreme metal styles is nothing new but to do it in such a way that monstrously heavy tracks like ‘The Rain Song’ cover the spectrum and still make it sound fresh and exciting isn’t an easy thing to grasp.

Hopefully, Wall of the Eyeless will get their chance to show what they can do on a bigger scale but until then this demo is a solid representation of a band who clearly hold artistic vision in a high regard.  Very promising.

Wall of the Eyeless – Facebook Page