Void Moon - On The Blackest Of NightsThe latest addition to the Swedish doom metal family is a formation out of 2009 called Void Moon. Having to live up to the likes of fellow countrymen Candlemass, being part of a doom culture with such a long history can be an uphill battle at best. Certainly this quartet is giving its all on this release, their debut full length, “On The Blackest of Nights”.

Kicking off with ‘Hammer of Eden’, there is both promise and pleasure. Great opening riff and beat, vocals delivered as they should be. Nothing flashy or genre pushing, rather a nice catchy riff, vocals and beat all delivered well. A well rounded opening. Moving into the title track, a little steam is lost but again, well conceived and played. A slower pace on this one but still all the components are adequately assembled and laid out for the listener. ‘The Word and the Abyss’ doesn’t lose any ground or steam but certainly doesn’t come charging back. Its a adequate track, unfortunately, no more no less.

Alas the rest of the album plays out like this. The tracks are all good, adequate as I said before. Unfortunately there is nothing that is a real stand out here on this release. It just seems to be lacking a good punch that is needed to separate it from its contemporaries. ‘Through The Gateways’ really does try to make some ground up. In certain parts it does just that, it has some real catchy riffs and spots of some creative drumming. Beyond that it just passes into the fabric of mediocrity that seems to be the essence of this release.

Just to make it clear that this one was not a one and done listen. I have played this release through at least ten times, there have been releases that on the first few passes did nothing and then like magic they could muster. There is promise and I have no doubt there will be many fans of this release, unfortunately yours truly can not be counted among them. However, with the promise I hear, I will keep an ear out for the follow up and see what that brings.

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