Vogelfrey - Zwolf Schritte Zum StrickGermany- based band, Vogelfrey, triumphs with plenty of thrills and spills on their latest offering “Zwölf Schritte Zum Strick” (12 Steps To The Gallows). Staying true to the folk/pagan genre, the album is a melting pot of several elements, emotions and experiences.

Vogelfrey’s lyrics are purely Deutsch but vocalist, Jannick sings crisply and sharply throughout the album capturing the emotions and leaving cues for the non-German speaker. The six piece band added their nuances with a violin and cello as well as keeping a punishingly tight rhythm on the drums, bass and guitar. In fact the drums are explosive and features prominently throughout “Zwölf Schritte Zum Strick”.

On the track “Freitod”, the drums and guitar create a haunting atmosphere and vocalist Jannick growls into the microphone with a gruff pitch. “Freitod” leans on a feisty heavy metal edge and contrasts another track entitled “Der Tusch” which comes across as a children’s nursery rhyme. The ‘circus’ opening and ‘oompah’ rhythm is slightly perplexing but nonetheless adds a dimension to Vogelfrey’s release.

The two tracks that highlight Zwölf Schritte Zum Strick” are “6 Vaganten” and “Lindwurm Massaker”. The tonal pitch changes and the melodies are lifted with emphasis on the traditional heavy metal instruments. The atmosphere is fierce, highly charged and the riffs (because it is always about those) are impressive.

The Hamburg based band is best likened to early releases of Korpiklaani. However, Vogelfrey’s, “Zwölf Schritte Zum Strick”, excels on including the listener, maintaining aggression while merging styles and offering a theatrical palette. Trollzorn Records are set to release”Zwölf  Schritte Zum Strick” on 18 May 2012. The full length album is best served loud with a six pack to friends and deserves a fair 7/10.

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