Imagine this, you’re driving through the Rocky Mountains in your Dodge Challenger, the sun is blazing and the wind is blowing through your hair. You have a crow bar in your trunk and your about to rob a convenient store on the route 66. Yeah it sounds a little like Kill Bill or Thelma & Louise, but “Carnivalia” would be the perfect soundtrack to this scenario. With a latino-metal ambiance that glows from the very beginning of this album to the very end, you feel like you’ve literally been transported into a movie set.

The vocals glower with that middle-eastern sound like Serj Tankian from System of a Down in ‘A Magic Ladder’ with an almost reggae style beat and classic 70s funk guitars. If this track had its own adjective, it would have to be ‘Flamenco metal.’

Arguable one of the strongest tracks on this album is the serene ‘Poor Pete’ with a western, country rhythmic sensation. The harmonica is beautifully played, giving a certain folk-like feel to this metal group’s edge. It goes to show that the harmonica is such an under-rated instrument, and after listening to this track, more people should start playing it.

‘Things Are Awkward’ and ‘Tricky Tricky’ are both very charismatic and fun tracks that add a cirque de sole vibe but with raw, emotional lyrics that blare out like the Disturbed’s track ‘Down In The Sickness’. The choruses are so simple yet sensational; you’ll be humming it all day long.

‘Viktor’s Sister’ transforms your mind into that movie set again as your imagination runs wild in the mists of this track. Sit back and imagine a room filled with elderly folk in a hotel in Benidorm, slow dancing to the peaceful smooth jazz that blares out of the verses, before a storm of metal heads burst into the room and start pitting, knocking the elderly off their feet when the raucous, punky beats kick in from the chorus.

If you like System Of A Down you will like Viza. When Quentin Tarantino shoots his next movie, he should be using this as the soundtrack. This album is the outcome of twelve years of experience by seven talented members, and is available now from all good stores.

Viza – Official Website