Two recently reformed bands came together for two very special shows recently, with NYHC veterans Vision Of Disorder teaming up with the UK’s very own Earthtone9 and RSJ for what could live up to be one of the best lineups of 2012.

Owing to a few problems getting to the venue, by the time I got in, the opening band RSJ were already mid set. This is a band who seem to be going places fast. I walked into the room to see vocalist Dan Cook getting up close and personal with the crowd urging them to come forward. The band have spent the last few years supporting some of the biggest names in the scene, and on tonight’s showing, its easy to see why. Playing a few songs from the recent “Higgs Boson” EP alongside older material, they draw an appreciative audience and will no doubt made a fair few new fans on the night.

Earthtone9’s comeback has been one of my personal highlights from the last 18 months, with the successful fan funded EP and headline tour last year, and the upcoming album that has also been organised through a pledge music campaign. Just as on the last tour, they look like a band that are really enjoying being back, and it shows in their performance.

The banter flows freely between band members and the crowd and they add a couple of songs from the “Cause And Consequence” EP to a set which drew heavily from ‘arc tan gent’ and threw in a couple of surprises too. Their cover of Entombed classic ‘Wolverine Blues’ was very well received as was the appearance of “ET9” classic ‘Withered’. The band are on top form right now, and hopefully the new album and a push over the next few months the band could finally get more of the recognition the sorely deserve.

Vision Of Disorder are a band I have long admired but never got to see first time round, so the chance to finally see them, and also in this intimate venue meant that this was going to be something worth catching. Even though the crowd was decent for the support, suddenly the front filled up with punters eager for a taste of the action. As soon as the band fired up, the pit exploded in true NYHC fashion, there was no place for windmills and spin kicks, just good old fashioned chaos. The set covered all of the bands output from their 1996 debut, right up to highly acclaimed new album “The Cursed Remain Cursed” from which we hear four songs, with ‘Set To Fail’ the standout track in the live setting.

Front man Tim Williams spent most of the show pacing back and forth across the small stage before launching himself right into the faces of the front row. With the new songs blending seamlessly into a set crammed with classic such as ‘Imprint’, ‘Adelaide’ and ‘Jada Bloom’. An action packed, no nonsense approach to the show kept the adrenaline pumping and the pits moving, often taking up the whole front of the venue. The band seem to have picked up where they left off and their re-emergence could give the scene a much needed wake up call, they drew a decent mix of ages in the crowd and everyone went home happy.

Three quality bands all on form and a good crowd made this one of the best gigs I have been to this year.


His Name Is Robert Paulson – Collectively We Are Tall – Running With Scissors – Higgs Boson – I Did Not Die – New Song – Nice Day Out – Oceans

Off Kilter – Grind & Click – Star Damage For Beginners – Approximately Purified – Ghosts – Tide Of Ambition – Evil Crawling Eye – Tat Twam Asi – Wolverine Blues – Withered – Serpentine Placement – Vitriolic

Vision Of Disorder
Element – Imprint – Suffer – Loveless – What You Are – Adelaide – Set To Fail – Viola – 666 – Hard Times – Gloom – Be Up On It – Jada Bloom – Through These Eyes – DTO – Choke

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