Vicious Bastard  - Post Abortion LustYou see the band name, album title and have a pretty good idea what you’re going to get, and Vicious Bastard do not let you down. Furious grindcore from the outset is the name of the game here and with song titles like ‘Crushed Under Foot’, ‘Chewed Up, Spat Out And Begging For More’ and ‘Baptised In Shit’ it’s obvious there is a pretty bleak outlook from this collective, and they are intent on taking you with them.

Vicious Bastard blast through the fourteen songs on offer on “Post Abortion Lust” in little over 24 minutes and apart from opener ‘From The Smoke (Came Locusts)’ and closing number ‘Dead Hooker’ (which take up roughly a quarter of the playing time of the whole album) the vast majority of songs are around the thirty to ninety second mark. Musically, there are some similarities to Napalm Death, which becomes more and more apparent after repeated listening. They have found a way to include some nice riffs and melodies and then hide them under a barrage of filth and noise.

James Walford and John Cooke may play an understated part but there is some very impressive guitar work on this release, and it’s definitely worth investigating. The rhythm section of Dave Walford on drums and bassist Scott Cooper drive this album along at Christ knows how many bpm, but its enough to ensure a non stop aural assault with Luke Orchard’s tortured screams tying the whole thing together. Each part of this band is equally as good as the other, and as a whole, they are something a little bit special.

With the band being based in the Midlands and released via FETO records, it is perhaps unsurprising that the special guest vocalists on the album are David Hunt of Anaal Nathrakh and Napalm Death‘s Barney Greenway. Look through the calibre of bands that the members of Vicious Bastard have appeared in and worked with (Malevolent Creation, Venomous Concept, War Of The Second Dragon, Anaal Nathrakh) and it’s obvious that such a fine pedigree has served them well, producing an album that is tight, structured, as well as being raw and fierce as hell. Pure in your face anger, just how it should be.

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