Vertigo - SublightI have spoken before about loving being given music I wouldn’t normally find and having my eyes opened in the process of reviewing the piece presented to me. Vertigo Steps are a band from Portugal who are a new name for me… and their three-track EP ”Sublight” was the most delightful discovery.

Vertigo Steps consist of Bruno A on guitars, keys, programming & samples and Niko Mankinen on lead vocals. Session drummer Daniel Cardoso joins them on drums, bass, and backing vocals; they sit in what could be described as a decidedly progressive metal space… their music being wonderfully varied with guitars, keys, synths, and percussion adding the foundation for some delightfully earnest vocals.

It amazes me that this three-piece can and do cover so much ground on these tracks… from the blistering metal rock-out of ”Silent Bliss” – the opening track… via the more delicate ballad of ”Someone (Like You)”… culminating in the interesting final track – ”Nothing At All” – which begins with some earnest vocals, melodic backing and a seriously chunky backbeat before getting more rocky with some thick synths and big guitars as the song flows through.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vertigo Steps’ emphasis on melody and was left wanting more from this EP. All these tracks are soaked in a more modern progressive expression and the easily identifiable preference for melody… and I, for one, really appreciated that.

“Sublight” demonstrates their musical ability and I will now look to their previous material to see if they live up to the potential they have highlighted on this EP. I will also await new material with interest.

Vertigo Steps – Facebook Page