Venial Sin - Sphere Of MoralityRich compositions and sharp contrasts make Venial Sin’s EP entitled “Sphere of Morality,” a quality listen. The Portuguese based band put forth a heavy output of doom and black metal on “Sphere of Morality” and consequently captures a dark barren atmosphere. That atmosphere seeps throughout the track list and seems to be the adhesive amongst genre styles, vocal contrasts and technical compositions.

On the opening track ‘A New Rose’ greets the listener with a surge of demonic fury however; mid-way the track takes on a slower more melodic approach. The musical instruments weave in and out of styles and the vocals shift from coarse bellowing to clean singing. ‘Real End’ opens with a keyboard and grows into a complex plethora of melodies and sensations – personally a highlight track of the album. It is here that Venial Sin demonstrate their characters and musicians and most importantly their proficiency. However, the last track leaves me straddling between the lines – it is busy and over-powering. There is so much packed into it that the complexity is either mind-numbing or mind-blowing.

The production values of “Sphere of Morality” are fair and the track list runs smoothly cutting out any unnecessary fillers. The EP is a short taste of what can be expected from the Portuguese metal musicians and undoubtedly gives a full glimpse of their skills and potential.

“Sphere of Morality” has its fleeting moments of which can be likened to early Opeth but then it has its crossover moments which can be likened to Orphaned Land. Either way, Venial Sin has quality offer and therefore get a 6.5 / 10.

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