Chris from ThisIsNotAScene got to experience the latest offering from Valkiria, “Here The Day Comes,” and was struck by its unique time phase based journey concept. So much so, that Chris got to catch up with the band and talk all things band and new release related.

First of all thank you for the interview opportunity.

You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure talking about our music.

Are you happy about how the album has ended up?

Yes of course, we did our best and we are very satisfied with the final result. Without any doubt it’s a huge step forward. we recorded all the previous albums in my home studio, but with “Here The Day Comes” we wanted a more professional sound. Giuseppe Orlando (mixing) and Jens Bogren (mastering) did an amazing work, I think we have achieved the right compromise between the groove of 90’s and the power/clearness of sound we have nowadays.

The new album is split into the different phases of the day. What made you guys decide upon this concept?

The concept of time becomes the main flow of our lives as we grow old, I just wanted to give this idea in the most comprehensible way. In our lives developments and changes sometimes happen so suddenly as to leave us disoriented. I thought to turn the time of life into the smallest possible measurement unit and from there comes the idea that one day may summarize our existence. There has been much moralizing on this concept, I prefer to think that life is too short to hurt us.

Do you feel each song is a representation of the section of the day it is entitled with?

Each title represents a phase of life, which closes up at night. The night is our old age, the darkest moment for those who thought they could live forever, whereas it only end us up to be the wiser moment for those who have understood their futility as individuals.

How do you feel the album has been received thus far?

The views are very positive so far. People unanimously say this is our best album, obviously there has been some criticism, but the rest would be really boring to hear, just pretty words. The only thing I highly recommend to those who are new to this kind of music, that’s about listening to it in a calm situation, possibly in the silence of the night and do not judge on a first listening. This is not just rock ‘n’ roll.

Do you feel there are any benefits or hindrances from being a duo rather than a, let’s say, more conventional numbered band?

I believe that the number does not count, it is important to be a good team, we put the music first. It’s not easy to find people alike, maybe in the future with a bit of luck, other permanent members (those one with the right ideas) could join the band, but so far we don’t want to break this balance. The line up is completed by session musicians for what concern live performances, so there is no pressure in finding other stable members.

A lot of people may not realise, but Valkiria has been going on for a considerably long time. Do you feel the latest album has opened you to a wider audience at all?

We are aware that we had a poor promotion in the past sixteen years, we have just been living pretty much in the underground. At some point it was time to change. Now we are starting to gain some recognition and that honours us. We knew that creating a more professional album, would offer us better chance, but unfortunately, due to a number of factors, only now we got it. The number of our fans is growing exponentially, just look at our Facebook page, we must admit we’re positively surprised for such an exploit.

How do you feel “Here The Day Comes” stands with the rest of your back catalogue?

“Here The Day Comes” is the natural evolution of what has been done so far, we’ve grown as musicians as well as persons and this is inevitably reflected in our music and our lyrics. The Drum machine and the home studio recording have become an handicap, we finally have a real drummer and record with all the modern techniques of recording. All these factors have led to a revolution in our style, a point of no return.

You state your influences as such bands as Ulver, Anathema and Paradise Lost to name just a few. What is it about such acts that inspired you in the first place?

There are many other groups that you didn’t mention that certainly had an influence even greater as: early Katatonia, The Cure, Pink Floyd.

Do you have much touring/shows planned in the near future?

These days we are planning to start a small tour starting on next fall, but unfortunately I cannot tell you much more about it, because no shows are confirmed yet.

Finally, thank you once again for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add at all?

Thank you for your support and please contact us or just let your voice be heard if you want Valkiria to play in your country.

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