Valkiria - Here The Day ComesIt is often the case that an unassuming release, one of a band that you are not familiar with prior to hearing, and one that has seemingly received very little attention can be one that is a joyous discovery. This has certainly been the case with Valkiria’s fifth release “Here The Day Comes”. Valkiria site such Gothic /Doom bands as influences such as Ulver, Anathema and Paradise Lost, and this certainly tells in their music which also has elements of Katatonia and early Opeth. Like such bands, Valkiria are evidence of that famous phrase that less is sometimes more.

“Here Comes The Day” is split in to seven parts all representing a different phase in the daily cycle, beginning with opening track entitled “Dawn”, right through to “Sunrise”, “Morning” through to “Sunset” and “Night”

Opening track “Dawn” really sets the scene for the album with its haunting, slow opening before it picks up some heaviness and menace but remains atmospheric and beautiful at the same time. Throughout the album remains slow-paced and melancholic but once again with a sense of beauty and even frailty. One minor criticism with this, and it is minor, is how there is quite an obvious pattern to many of the songs: slow and eerie opening followed by a clean guitar part, before heaviness creeps in. A pattern which is certainly present on most of the songs, but this is merely an observation rather than a real criticism and does not detract from the music whatsoever.

Vocally the album mostly consists of a harsh growling, which does not overpower the subtlety of the music. Only on closing track “Night” is there any sign of clean singing which although portrays the depressive feeling of the music is not the strongest point of the album. Production wise, “Here Comes The Day” shows a great clarity which is not always the norm for such doom-ridden music, but in this case clarifies and benefits the atmosphere.

As already hinted by the song titles given thus far, “Here Comes The Day’s” track names follow the pattern of the daily cycle, beginning with “Dawn”, through to “Sunrise” and “Morning” right through to “Sunset” and “Night”; and much like the day follows this pattern, this album is such a great work “Night” will be followed by “Dawn” with the repeated listens. A tremendous example of music being in a sense basic, but captivating and able to take you on a journey (cliché I know). An album that by no means outstays its welcome and even feels like it is gone too soon.

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