Upon A Burning Body – Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage – Friday 17:10 – 17:35

Everything is bigger in Texas, apparently its also louder as well, not only is it the birthplace of Pantera, but young upstarts Upon A Burning Body hail from there as well, and look set to make 2012 their own.

Descending upon Donington Park for only their 3rd UK show, the band has a tough task ahead of it as they are playing a set up against the likes of Machine Head, Opeth and homegrown heroes The Defiled, if the band is nervous about this prospect you would never know it, before the band has even taken to the stage the circle pit has already opened up and the sizeable crowd is ready to go, and go they most certainly do.

The minute the band steps onstage the place goes bat shit mental erupting in a sea of limbs and dance moves even the most dangerous of ninja’s would be proud of. Upon A Burning Body themselves are a ridiculously tight live band that sound as devastating live as they do on record, showcasing their new album “Red.White.Green” with new tracks ‘Sin City,’ ‘Texas Blood Money’ and the dancefloor anthem ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’ fitting in nicely with the older tracks like ‘Intermission.’

The fact that Upon A Burning Body can rock up at Download Festival, play a Friday afternoon slot up against such festival worn heavyweights, and still draw large crowd that not only goes mental at their presence but also knows the words to all their songs, as well as still being one of the best bands of the weekend proves just what an amazing band they but also shows just how far they are going to go in the future.

Upon A Burning Body Download 2012 setlist:

Carlito’s Way
Devil’s Advocate
Sin City
Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Texas Blood Money