Tyla – Jägermeister Stage – Saturday 18:15 – 18:45

Did the last 20 years or so happen? Looking at the Dogs D’Amour frontman Tyla beaming out from the Jägermeister Stage, and the masses grinning back at him, hanging on his every word… you really couldn’t be sure.

OK, so he’s not as spritely as he once was, he’s older and possibly wiser, but he’s still going, and he really still is the loveable rogue and quality entertainer he always was. This is classic festival fodder, old school, debauched rock toned down, delivered acoustically, and very much to the “older” portion of the Download Festival faithful.

“Hey Babe, let the Devil in. You’re looking real good, but maybe too thin”, it’s all really familiar territory for the gathered throng. “Billy Two Rivers” gives way to “Last Bandit”, “Heroine”, “How Come It Never Rains” as Tyla reels in the years. Every person in front of the cavalier-esque frontman singing along with these “brand new songs from 20 years ago”. “Drunk Like Me” and even the uber wooaaah singalong, “Errol Flynn” are dished out with a glint in Tyla’s eye.

Tyla has been around the block, and more than likely drunk many of them dry, but he has never once failed to entertain. Today he delivered an old school acoustic masterclass in how to play a festival. Seriously cool to see such a figure from my youth still delivering the goods.