Trivium – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Saturday 14:20 – 15:05

Trivium are a band that are experiencing somewhat of a staggered resurrection as of late. Whereas the band was once metal’s great young hope, over the last couple of years it seemed like they were dangerously close to becoming the next ‘where are they now?’ band. However, it seems that the tide is turning as it were, and with their latest album “In Waves” reaffirming once again what the band can be when they put their mind to it, they returned to Download for the first time in 3 years, admittedly a little lower on the bill than last time, but their set is no less anticipated.

Taking to the Jim Marshall Stage just as the sun is starting to peak out from behind the clouds, Trivium know they have to make an impact once again, so they hit hard, opening with ‘In Waves’ the band instantly goes for the throat and proceeds to rip it out of Donington, after the damp squib that was Black Veil Brides, the reception that greets Trivium is nothing short of rapturous, and rightly so.

Trivium have scratched, clawed and even faltered in their quest to make amazing heavy metal in the 00’s, but the one thing that has remained constant is that they are a fantastic live band, today being no exception, they even make use of the snakepit ramp that has been set up for Metallica‘s headline slot later on in the evening, which is both effective and I imagine some kind of cheeky wink to the people who said they were a Metallica rip off.

It’s hard to process why Trivium aren’t a bigger band, they have massive anthems, can win a large audience over and have remained consistent live, hopefully today’s set has given the band a much needed boost towards that next step, and one day there will be a main stage headline slot in their future.

Trivium Download 2012 setlist:

In Waves
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
The Deceived
Dusk Dismantled
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Throes of Perdition

Photograph by Giles Smith Photography