OK I’m really late getting this review in but here goes. If you want to hear all the good hard rocking sounds from the 80s to now (in particular the 90s) blended together into one EP, Trillion Red’s “Two Tongues” is where you need to start. It’s not about playing a particular style or styles of heavy rock, and pecking out a list of genres and sub-genres that this record touches on completely misses the point. It’s about making heavy rock with vocals from a two-piece band intent on creating noise that keeps you on your toes by never slipping into a rut.

There’s plenty of hooks and melodies, fuzzy riffs, time shifts, lo-fi drums and vocals that range from straight to bizarre. It sounds all over the place without sounding confused or erratic just for the sake of it. This sort of eclectic and erratic approach is normally associated with jazz or progressive rock like Trojan Horse and Alright the Captain, and on the whole it works well.

It is fair to say that it’s not for everyone and there is a right time and place to have a listen, although not in the same way as you wouldn’t play grindcore at your Grandma’s 80th birthday party. There are two things I don’t like about the record. One is that the third song ‘Right Over To The Helm’ just fades away after seven minutes when it is begging to go for another thee or four minutes at least. The other is the vomiting in the closing minute of ‘Forging Two Tongues/A Reckoning’. It just sounds disgusting.

Apart from that all is well. Not brilliant, but pretty damn good.

Trillion Red – Facebook Page.