Triggerman - Hail To The River GodsWelcome to the fantastical world of the Triggerman where if the moon is full and the tides are right then you may join them in their magical, musical cove. An alcoholic Avalon if you will. They will drag you into their watery watering hole and regale you with songs of wonder and plunder.

With a glint in their eyes and a moonbeam gleaming on their trusty axes they will tell you tall tales of River Gods and vengeful woodsmen. They will have you raise your glass to the dead and maybe have you sell them your soul before you join them.

Phew! So this good humoured Derry four-piece deal in pirate metal then, right? Well sort of, but without any if the folk instrumentation of Alestorm. Instead, Triggerman‘s music has a satisfyingly dirty low-end swing. There’s a gnarlyness to lead singer Bap’s maniacal vocals that brings to mind Tad (Wood Goblins in particular) and a matter-of-fact rock n roll approach to the supernatural that is similar in style to Motorhead.

This is Triggerman’s third album and over the course if this seven track mini-album the themes and strength of songs occasionally wear a bit thin, so I’m not sure how sustainable their schtick is in long term. However, in the main (brace) this is a big-riffing riot.

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