Tricorn - TricornThe Pompey four-piece Tricorn open their debut album with ‘Step Outside’, already so confident that they invite the listener outside for a fight. It has an impressive Slash-esque guitar solo and revels in it’s own machismo in a way a lot of the most thrilling rock music does.

‘Give Me Some More’ follows but is not as strong, in fact it sounds more like a jam than a song to me, and ends in a Metallica tribute riffathon. Hmmm. Just when you think Tricorn may have been been flattering to deceive with their opener, along comes ‘The Therapist’ a greasy, groovy, cocky number in which the vocalist sounds like Ricky Warwick eating a bowl of wasps.

Stoner rock is definitely a big influence on the band and on tracks like ‘Girl Let’s Ride’ and the superior ‘Where Did It Go’ the spectre of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age is never far away. ‘Girl Let’s Ride’ also has a touch of the menace of Danzig about it, but along with ‘Crawl’ is perhaps a bit too generic lyrically & sonically to excite too much.

Midway through the album ‘Life Again’ comes as a surprise with it’s blast of fist-pumping positivity “I’VE FOUND MYSELF/I’VE FOUND MY FRIENDS/I’VE LEARNED HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE AGAIN”. Such apparent life experience and the wisdom gained from these young upstarts comes as a shock in the often clichéd dumb rock lyric songbook and is a real diamond in the rough. It bodes well for Tricorn’s future.

Closing tune ‘Momentum’ also shows the bands more thoughtful sound with it’s acoustic coda and it makes you want to put the album back on again to check if there’s any other classy bits you missed under the beery thunder.  I bet it all sounds good in a club after a few liveners, which is a sound recommendation.

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