With performances at Bloodstock Open Air & last year’s Hammerfest, their first album “Key To The Kingdom” reaching critically-acclaimed status and an ‘as yet untitled’ second album along the way this year, nothing can stop the Welsh massive thrashers Triaxis from illustrating why they’re at their prime.

Playing some of their classics, teasing with new songs and a timeless Iron Maiden classic thrown into the mix, Triaxis are a band that know how to put on a show. Lead singer Krissie’s vocals for each track were phenomenal and the band’s distinctive song writing, filled with sounds that listeners may have not picked up on previously.  Triaxis were the great finisher leading to the finale of Twitrfest II.

Triaxis  setlist:
Black Trinity
Sand & Silver
Sker Point
The Infected
The Evil That Men Do [Iron Maiden cover]

Triaxis – Official Website