Triaxis - Rage And RetributionHave you ever sat and wondered how different Megadeth, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest would sound if they were fronted by a woman? Well, South Wales’ own Triaxis are here to provide an answer to that curious question.

Triaxis, now on their sophomore album “Rage And Retribution”, the follow up to 2009’s “Keys to the Kingdom,” have crafted one of the years best straight up metal albums, no gimmicks, no trend pandering, just foot the floor, fist to the sky metal.

Opening track ‘Sand & Silver’ has a distinct Megadeth flavour, especially in the guitar work from duel axe wielders CJ and Glyn providing some thoroughly energetic fretboard wizardry, that is enough to make your head spin, and that’s before we’ve even had chance to mention the soaring vocals courtesy of front woman Krissie.

Comparisons with Doro are easy to make, but what Krissie does with her vocals on this album are far and above anything any other female vocalist is doing in metal right now. In a world populated with barbie doll posturing, delusions of operatic leanings or in some cases the sounds of a hell demon spewing forth, it’s refreshing to hear a vocalist play it relatively straight and just deliver a no nonsense vocal approach that not only compliments the music but takes it to another level entirely.

Triaxis even know how to do slower more atmospheric material without stepping into cheese territory, as demonstrated on album stand out track ‘Asunder,’ which shows that if the band ever felt like they wanted to push themselves further, they could deliver radio singles but still retain credibility in the process.

Listening to “Rage And Retribution” and “Keys to the Kingdom” back to back is like listening to two very different bands, such is the massive leap that Triaxis has made in the 3 years since albums, it’s a significant improvement from being a band that wore its influences on its sleeve so much so that it was hard to tell the bands own identity, to being a band who’s confidence in their own abilities has delivered an album that stands on its own along side the bands that have inspired them.

Triaxis are a band that is still growing, but has all the right tools to conquer the world, a band blessed with all the right musicians who work so incredibly well together that everything flows so effortlessly. Guitarists CJ and Glyn perfectly playing off the galloping rhythm section provided by drummer Giles and bassist Owen, and the cherry on top is the spine tingling warrior woman vocals provided by Krissie. Triaxis have created the perfect storm, an album that many bands dream of making and very few deliver on.

Hopefully, now when people think of the welsh music scene, will stop paying so much attention to poser bands, and actually realise that there is genuine talent to be found in them there valleys.

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