Torche - HarmonicraftFormed in 2004 Torche are band who have picked up quite a bit of critical acclaim in their eight years of existence, producing two albums that have been very well received from fans and critics alike.  “Harmonicraft”, album number three, follows on from 2008’s “Meanderthal”, offering up riff after thunderous riff with a keen pop sensibility and an ear for the heavy end of alternative rock.

Doing a track-by-track run down would prove to be a fruitless task as this is one of those albums that you just put on and play all the way through without having the need to cherry-pick.  Introducing a slightly psychedelic vibe into proceedings – look to the album artwork for evidence of that – each track is played with a joyous infectiousness that will produce the involuntary thrashing of some limbs, albeit with a warmth that doesn’t always come through on albums such as this.

Frontman Steve Brooks sugar-coated vocals ensure that the vocal hooks do their job and attach themselves into your brain, as do the riffs which just keep on coming in a flurry of low-end goodness, exhibiting a controlled punk rock fury that keeps everything moving at a cracking pace yet remaining focussed and melodic.

If you need some song titles thrown at you then the pop-punk (in the good sense of the phrase) stomp of ‘Kicking’ is a wonderfully catchy tune, as is the bluesier ‘Reverse Inverted’ which rolls along on a choppy main riff that brings to mind Deep Purple’s “Stormbringer”.  But multiple listens to this album will bring out different highlights each time, and that is the best thing about it.  A gift that keeps on giving.

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