TOAD - Rotten TideBursting out of the starting blocks with furious intent, Arizona’s TOAD (Take Over And Destroy) begin as they mean to go on – angry, loud and wonderfully brash.

What immediately strikes you is how refreshingly raw this sounds. Recorded “live” in the studio direct to analogue tape and using a whole host of 1970’s amps and heads, this throbs and swaggers with the punk rock vibe of The Stooges or The Tubes but has a visceral underground feel more akin to many of today’s Black Metal pioneers. If Clutch started jamming with Watain then it would probably sound something like “Rotten Tide”.

The drums are so gloriously frantic and the bass rumbles like a tramp’s bowels, leaving just enough room for a thick layer of dirty riffing and howling, grinding organ.

“Morning Disgust” is almost too distorted in places, but remains just the right side of chaos and provides the album’s highlight. An ‘everything louder than everything else’ mentality has worked to great effect here and the song is such a fantastic burst of adrenaline, spit and filth.

Closer “Necrophatic Vatican” has a little more light and shade (as well as a blinder of a title) with slightly broader dynamics and a change of pace – but only briefly. Let there be no mistake – there is no let up here. These guys are, as they very aptly describe themselves, “an American rock and roll band from the 1970’s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990’s” and cite some of their influences as being Bathory, Danzig, Darkthrone, Dismember and Kvelertak.

Whatever the bizarre blend of ingredients selected and mixed here, the end result is baked to near perfection and if they are this fierce on record then expect to have your face swiftly rearranged when they hit the road.

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