Timor Et Tremor- Upon Bleak Grey FieldsGermany’s Timor et Tremor stand on the brink of something quite special with their second full length record, “Upon Bleak Grey Fields”, a record that houses sweet melody and deft flashes of intense black metal majesty in equal measure. Whilst Timor et Tremor aren’t exactly breaking the fourth wall of black metal here, the skill and passion is plain to hear and it’s a confident step in the right direction for this young band. Coming across a little Amon Amarth at times in the sweeping arcs of guitar and the guttural roars of front man Hendrik Müller, this four piece take the myths and symbols of their culture and inject their compositions with nature inspired splendour.

Weaving clean vocals into the mix on occasion (“Eternal Woe,” “Nights Radiance” and the disparate “Funeral Dawn”) Timor et Tremor build on the roots laid down by their forefathers with pagan themes and a beautifully rendered atmosphere. Taking their name from Latin which loosely translates as Fear and Trembling, this is a band with much in the way of force; “Upon Bleak Grey Fields” is constantly shifting and moving, guitar lines pulse with a controlled frenzy whilst hammered drums drive with precise blasts feeding into Müller’s growls and snarls of derisive despair.

Striking moments of elation seep into the closing seconds of “Helrunar,” the guitar solo building into a beautifully heartbreaking crush of emotion and carrying a knowledge and deep understanding of the mysticism contained within throughout the final minutes of the record. “Upon Bleak Grey Fields” beats with an enthralling pace and fantastic awareness. Timor et Tremor are here. Take note.

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