Thou/Hell - Resurrection-Bay Spilt 7"Louisiana’s Thou are quite frankly, unstoppable. The sludge/drone/doom quintet have released an incomprehensible amount of material in their short time together as a group – three full lengths, and around twenty EP’s, splits and compilations since their inception in 2005.

The most recent release is a 7″ split with Salem, Oregon’s Hell, a band that have two incredible full lengths to their name and that also deal in slow and dirty riffs coupled with extreme despair, misery and horror. Intensity is the order of the day with “Resurrection Bay”, one track each from the bands featured and two tracks of pure and commanding sludge.

Beginning with “Sheol,” Hell immediately set an uncomfortable tone. Shouts of terrifying proportions lay over disgustingly heavy low end that echoes deep within caverns unknown. There’s a fury in M.S.W.’s voice that cuts with an obscene abhorrence and a filthy melody creeps into the forlorn guitar riffs, curling around the funereal pace of the drum with a delightful malevolence.

Heavy and dominating, Thou offer the slow decay of “Ordinary People,” and Bryan Funck’s spite-laden vocal courses with a truly devastating misanthropy. You can almost taste the absolute hate that rolls off his tongue and around the measured and deliberate advance of the instruments behind.

It’s overwhelming in its weight and both bands have created tracks of monolithic magnitude whilst never losing sight of the original intention. Almost cathartic in their passion, Hell and Thou deserve your attention. Immediately!