2011 was a year that saw many impressive returns, an abundance in high quality releases and a strong arrival of new bands that made the metal world take notice. There were also plenty of excellent bands that did not quite find the moment to capture the imagination of the genre, media and fans alike.

This coming year will be no different with numerous bands emerging to floor the senses and many others set to intrigue and beguile without stamping their authority upon the heart. At ThisIsNotAScene we have picked out a few unsigned and independent bands that we think will certainly make their mark this year and are worth your time and effort in checking them out.

Red Enemy

Dublin based metallers Red Enemy have established themselves since forming in 2008 as one of the most exciting rampaging bands in Irish and recently UK metal as a whole. Bringing an unrelenting mix of metalcore, hardcore and technical metal the band stand distinctly alone in creating a sound that is hard to pigeon hole and easy to submit to, its powerful musical muscles imposing and intimidating. The band’s two EP’s of “Outsiders” and last year’s impressive “What We Are Contained In, Is What We Are Worth” brought the band strong attention as did shows with Despised Icon, a very successful support slot with Parkway Drive and a triumphant UK tour alongside Save Your Grace, Visions, TesseracT, and Once A Wolf. This year the band are working on their debut album with plans to tour the UK once more whilst their recent EP is still stirring up more eager followers and praise and worth the attention of all hardcore metal fans.

For fans of Despised Icon, Bleeding Through, Architects.

Red Enemy – Facebook Page

Doomed From Day One

UK progressive death metal band Doomed From Day One turned 2011 into an intense and wonderfully aggressive year with the release of their EP “The Wasted World”. Since the opening breath of 2010 the Guildford based quintet has built a strong and ever growing reputation for their hard merciless and creative sounds and being one of the most hardworking bands with over 100 shows in the past couple of years. Prominent supports slots with the likes of Malefice, Silent Screams, Martyr Defiled and Gallows, plus a show stealing performance at last year’s Guilfest has led an ever growing flood of fans to their savage, energetic and ferocious live shows, music and the impressive The Wasted World EP. Publications like Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Zero Tolerance have also graced the band with strong acclaim to which with more undoubted unrelenting and inspiring shows planned for the months ahead 2012 looks like it is the year Doomed from Day One break out to win and concrete their place as one of the most exciting UK metal bands.

For fans of Between The Buried And Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon.

Doomed From Day One – Facebook Page

Starving For Gravity

2011 was marked for the emergence of American rock band on UK and US radio stations and shows with their stunning track ‘Demon In Me’. Originally from Minnesota the quintet bravely moved to California to give a stronger base and opportunity for their engaging melodic rock sounds to evolve. Their self titled debut album and its follow-up gave them an impressive start if not yet the awareness their well crafted and skilfully performed music deserved but with new songs last year, of which the above track was the leading invitation for most, the band has suddenly stepped into the ‘spotlight’. Heartfelt, emotive and exhilarating Starving For Gravity’s music is impossible to ignore as the numerous awards they have received proves. With a new album with award winning producer Michael Lloyd expected in the opening months  and plenty of shows and tours planned for the year ahead there seems like there will be no stopping the band  in 2012.

For fans of Incubus, Our Ladys Peace, Three Days Grace.

Starving For Gravity – Official Website


2011 was a mixed bag for fans of UK post hardcore band Forever Wednesday. The early months was graced with their dynamic and impressive debut album “Depths” released to great acclaim but the closing tides of the year saw the band call it a day. With the proverb ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ proven true once more, from the ashes has stepped forth Northpaw. Consisting of previous members of Forever Wednesday, Farnham the band Northpaw has emerged with a more rounded and mature rock sound to realise the promise and potential of their previous guise and multiply it through their stunning debut self titled EP. It is hard to see many obstacles able to stand in their way as they make 2012 their time to be closely watched.

For fans of Forever Wednesday, X certs, Gallows.

Northpaw – Facebook Page

The Hotel Ambush

Aggressive, intense and determined, The Hotel Ambush is one of the most exciting of the emerging metal/hardcore bands starting to make great waves in extreme metal. With an accomplished hold on destructive riffs, hardcore beats, and harsh threatening vocals the band are on the verge of making a deep and lasting mark on UK metal. The Hotel Ambush is not just about intensity and aural abuse though as they infuse their sounds with deep vibrant melodic veins, the combination giving the band the ability to equally captivate and assault their victims at once. Already renowned for their blistering live shows the Newport quintet are set to intimidate and inspire throughout 2012 if the wasted and contented bodies from last year’s series of gigs are any indication.

For fans of Parkway Drive, Bury Tomorrow, As I Lay Dying.

The Hotel Ambush – Facebook Page

Wasted Sinners

Wasted Sinners are determined to bring sleazy rock n roll back in fashion with riotous infectious sounds. As their debut EP “Unleashed & Dangerous” shows, the London based quartet are well on the way. Formed in 2008 by bassist Dude Rock and drummer Pete Sin, the band brings elements from the likes of Mötley Crüe and Buckcherry into a wicked lecherous rock sound that teases and riles up the senses with unbridled mischief. After a few changes the original line-up was back in place last year to see the band awash with ever increasing attention, radio play, and a strong reputation for their no holds live shows. As Europe begins to catch on to the band now, this coming year feels like it will ignite for Wasted Sinners and their filthy irrepressible rock n roll.

For fans of Mötley Crüe, Buckcherry, Hanoi Rocks

Wasted Sinners – Official Website

Dead ‘Til Friday

2011 saw Belfast metal band Dead ‘Til Friday gather in strong and eager acclaim from across Northern Ireland and into the UK. Bringing a rap metal fusion that goes far beyond the expected predictable sounds the tag suggests, the quintet have left festival goers drooling at the likes of the Glasgowbury Music Festival and the Tennent’s Vital Festival where the band played to an audience of 50,000. Tours with Your Demise and Lower Than Atlantis and supporting Skindred has set the band apart and firmly as ones to watch. It is their intense harsh and hard hitting irresistible sounds that have the juices flowing as heard upon the impressive “Water” EP and its dynamic single and video ’The Longest Year’, their  aggressive captivating sound recalling the likes of Rage Against The Machine, As I Lay Dying, and Every Time I Die. With the stunning voice of Adam McKee and an energy and intensity to fuel multiple bands it is hard to see 2012 being anything other than a triumph for Dead ‘Til Friday.

For fans of Rage against the Machine, Every Time I Die, Deftones, Sevendust.

Dead ‘Til Friday – Facebook Page


There was also going to be an eighth choice in the mighty and uniquely creative presence of UK metallers Mishkin. Sadly though, in the midst of writing this piece the members of the band decided to call it a day and move forward to future projects.

Though they are no longer with us do go check out their stunning EP’s “State of Mute Fear” and “Row Away from the Rocks” and the mesmeric video of the single ‘Good Day To Die’.

Even though they are no longer around their music will lighten up 2012 for all those not yet swept up in their creative charms.

Mishkin – Official Website