This Is Hell - Black MassThis Is Hell have been formulating some remarkable hardcore/thrash metal for almost 8 years. They have been ringing the ears, as well as destroying amps in their hometown of Long Island, New York and across the globe. Ready to expose more of their musical talents they have released their 6th album “Black Mass,” unleashing various bedlam and rebellious anthems for us all to hear. The album artwork depicts an image of the famous Statue of Liberty; which is enclosed and being destroyed by serpents, giving it a pleasant audacious style.

If you are unfamiliar with This Is Hell then I’ll introduce you to them; Travis Reilly (vocals), Rick Jimenez (guitar & vocals), Pieter van den Berg (bass) and Mike Sciulara (drums). They have been creating some fantastic sounds and implementing great riffs throughout the years. This is probably the reason why they have been successful and have produced a number of albums.

The style of certain tracks such as ‘Black History’ has combined some of the long forgotten ‘Old Skool’ thrash style; with the use of speed chords and technical drumming. The song has a powerful vocal style mixed in with intense solo interludes and speedy tempo. A similar track would be ‘The Last Outlaw,’ as it has modest but effective guitar chords which are well structured. This is shown by the slow head banging verses; rebellious vocals and well synchronised drumming, giving the song a vigorous flow.

The concluding track to account for is the acclaimed title track ‘Black Mass.’ This has a very progressive introduction. The progressive nature expressed includes, interludes before it blows into speed thrash, along with power drill riffs and strong vocals. Overall, the track distinguishes between the genres and the enthusiasm to attempt various styles.

In conclusion, my overall opinion of This Is Hell has improvised the whole enchilada into one-ten track album. They have expressed and accomplished a mixture of ‘Old Skool’ thrash with variety of modern techniques.  However, one negative to this album is the vocal style as it a touch post hard-core; which is a minor let-down. A positive aspect of this album is some of  the riffs and serious drumming on display. I would recommend this album to the ‘Old Skool’ thrash audience. There will be more to arise from This Is Hell as the years go by and their popularity grows. I would not hesitate to buy the album; sit back, relax and admire their work.

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