This Is Freedom - Welcome Home EPMusically, there’s not a lot that’s come out of Buckinghamshire, but This Is Freedom are hoping to buck this trend and on the strength of their 5 track “Welcome Home EP” they might just have what it takes to do it.

Despite the Indie-Kid appearances, This Is Freedom play quality Alt-rock with a song writing maturity that defies their years, single “Bitter” has a hook that will get in your head and stay there for days, whilst up tempo “St Helena” showcases the song writing at the level of the rock band Maroon 5 seem to think they are. “Hurricane” has a very power ballad feel to it, which in this day and age and with this sort of band, shouldn’t work yet soars effortlessly, “Sticks & Stones” punches its way into your ear with every beat and the title track itself, “Welcome Home”, has a vibe reminiscent of The Killers but with more of an edge.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to this style of rock, but even before I’d gotten through the first track I knew I liked the band and I was particularly impressed with the sound and song writing. Each track comes across as having had the time spent on it during the writing process, no jamming through and agreeing “that’ll do” whilst all the lyrics are competently written and performed, not to mention that despite being currently unsigned, This Is Freedom have released an EP so polished that Bob Rock himself would be proud to put his name on it (insert “St Anger” joke here).

Not a lot of information currently exists on who This Is Freedom are or where they’ve come from, presumably to allow the music to do the talking, a tactic that seems to have worked well for them so far and if they can put on a live show to match the obvious talent heard here, then this is a band to watch in 2012.

To check out the track “Bitter” (which I can totally recommend you do), simply log on to the bands Facebook page where it is currently available as a free download.

This Is Freedom – Facebook Page