Thin Lizzy - Classic Album collectionIt’s never easy reviewing a band like Thin Lizzy. After all, don’t we already know all there is know about their huge contribution to rock music and hasn’t Lynott’s utter genius been assessed and dissected a million times already?

The answers are, of course, yes, we know this already. However, when a band commands such universal respect and is held in such affection by the rock fraternity, it becomes shockingly easy to take them for granted and lose focus on the magic of the very thing that carved their name in history in the first place; the music.

And it’s in celebrating the magnificence of the music that this collection comes in. Bringing together six of Lizzy’s best-known and best-loved albums in one competitively-priced box set, offers fans old and new alike the opportunity to experience some of the most enjoyable and influential hard rock ever captured on tape.

Each of the six featured albums –  “Nightlife,” “Fighting,” “Jailbreak,” “Johnny The Fox,” “Bad Reputation” and “Black Rose” –  chips in its share of well-known hits from the 1974-1979 period, chronologically charting Lizzy’s razor-sharp songwriting progress from the ever-essential “Still In Love With You” through to latter-day gems such as “Waiting For An Alibi.”

But in re-visiting these albums, it’s the lesser-known and too often overlooked album tracks that remind us of the class and depth of Lizzy’s music. These are albums true to their principles, standing tall as coherent and structured works of art, forged in an era before albums became little more than window-dressing for one or two hit singles. Consistent and stylish, these songs still resonate with pathos and passion several decades after their release

A quick online search finds this six disc set retailing for only a fiver more than a single disc best of compilation. As our American friends are so fond of saying – you do the math.

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