Theory Of A Deadman get a hard time and unnecessarily so, yes they are a rock band from Canada but they aren’t clones of you know who, but obviously that doesn’t stop lazy people making the comparison.

I will admit that generally speaking Theory Of A Deadman aren’t my usual fare, but that’s not to say they are a bad band, just not my cup of tea per se. However, like a lot of incidents in my musical life, my opinion has since changed upon seeing the band live.

Tonight sees the band at the Koko in Camden as part of their most recent UK headline run, following up on their time supporting label mates Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry in November, the band has taken great effort in following up on how well they were received on that tour to strike while the iron was hot and they were able to capitalize on it.

Coming onstage to the song ‘Blame Canada’ from the South Park movie the band displays its sense of humour from the get go, frontman Tyler Connolly is a perfect host for tonight’s proceedings, as he strides onstage full of swagger and rock star enthusiasm. There is something about Theory Of A Deadman that translates well in the live arena that doesn’t come over as well on CD. The band is animated and full of energy, the songs the band pulls out of their bag tonight are all bonafide anthems that the capacity crowd sings back twice as loud as the band themselves.

There are moments in the set where the band uses tried and tested tactics to get the crowd involved, by filming them and encouraging them to outdo each other in the loudness stakes, but its all good fun and doesn’t venture into tiresome or overdone.

Songs like ‘Gentlemen,’ ‘Santa Monica,’ ‘Lowlife,’ ‘Bitch Came Back’ and the monster hit and set closer ‘Hate My Life,’ all sound huge tonight and on that evidence alone it isn’t hard to see why the band is such a big deal in their native land and why certain comparisons are made.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a band being good at what they do and having fun doing it. Looking around the room tonight there isn’t single person standing still or not singing and that’s all you really want from a live gig, a band that can entertain and a crowd that is left entertained. Which begs the question what exactly are we blaming Canada for?

Theory Of A Deadman – Official Website

Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal (@ HMV Ritz, Manchester)